Business Services and Business Consulting

Our business consulting experience extends across multiple industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, banking, FMCG & retail, and Public Sector. We act as trusted advisors to our clients and aim to create value through our interaction by increasing the operational effectiveness of your organisation.

Process and Technology Consulting

Our process and technology services include enterprise application and business architecture development; business value analysis and business case development; process evaluation and optimisation; and product evaluation and selection.

Strategic Business Alignment

The recent history of small to large companies has been characterised with increased focus on technology spending in the hope of supporting and enhancing the complex requirements of its core business. The result in many cases was and continues to be a costly disconnect between what the business needs and what IT delivers.

We can assist your organisation to develop a clear and concise strategy, which will lead to alignment between the business strategy, the IT strategy and operations, thus providing your organisation with a source of both operational excellence and competitive advantage.

We have a specific focus on Oracle and SAP implementations, but are not limited to.

Organisational Alignment

Although Strategic Business Alignment is the essential first step, it can not deliver the expected results unless it is aligned with the organisational structure and change drivers. Very often the aims and goals of an organisation are clearly stated but understood differently.

To help you align your organisation we are well experienced to perform organisational effectiveness assessments for our clients to understand the limitations and underlying characteristics that affect your business. Through understanding how each of these affects the operational effectiveness, and translating them into strategic imperatives that align to your IT strategy, you can start to unlock the hidden potential in your organisation.

We can further assist you to design your corporate and business unit structures, design operating models and develop performance management programmes in support of the organisational strategy.
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